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During my only visit to the Horacio PAGANI Museum in 2020, I became inspired to embark on a new personal project with a unique twist. I aimed to create a practical PAGANI SUV with the brand's signature oval graphics featured both inside and outside the vehicle. While I initially sketched the idea three years prior, I later transformed it into a Bentley SUV project. However, I still wanted to visualize it as a PAGANI, hence the noticeable similarities between the designs. I named this new model "Lodos," after the local name for the strong and warm "southwest wind" in the Aegean Sea. The hyperSUV would be powered by an AMG M178 4.0L V8 800hp engine. This project is solely a fan art and design exercise and is not officially affiliated with PAGANI Automobili. The timelapse video of the design process is now available on my YouTube channel. 

Exterior and Interior concept design / 2D rendering - Emre Husmen - 2023

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