Koenigsegg KXX

Koenigsegg is one of my favorite hypercar brands and I recently designed / 3D developed the -KXX- as a personal project to show how I would stylize their next generation hypercar… Aerodynamic lines, strong graphics, flowing and sculptural surfaces define my style best, so I applied them to this concept car, along with traditional Koenigsegg design features like side intakes, double-bubble roof and visor-like DLO. It’s probably the most detailed 3D model I’ve ever done, completed in a week; together with its floor aerodynamics and fully closed polygon body surfaces. Total of ~2000 hp hybrid power output would be generated by its V8 engine and electric batteries (charged wirelessly). Active -advanced- aerodynamics, real-time height and stiffness adjustable suspensions, manual+automatic transmission and AWD systems would allow using its power in a most efficient way at all speeds on a race track, especially at 24h Le Mans.

Exterior concept design / 3D polygon modelling / Visualization - Emre Husmen - 2022