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Koenigsegg KXX

Koenigsegg is among my preferred hypercar brands, and as a personal project, I recently designed and developed the -KXX- to showcase how I would stylize their upcoming generation of hypercars. This concept car embodies my design style, characterized by aerodynamic lines, robust graphics, and sculptural surfaces. To the vehicle, I added traditional Koenigsegg design features such as side intakes, a double-bubble roof, and a visor-like DLO. The -KXX- is one of the most intricate 3D models I have ever created, taking only a week to complete. The vehicle has floor aerodynamics and fully closed polygon body surfaces. Its hybrid power output is approximately 2000 horsepower, generated by a combination of a V8 engine and electric batteries that are charged wirelessly. The -KXX- boasts advanced and active aerodynamics, real-time height and stiffness adjustable suspensions, as well as both manual and automatic transmissions, and all-wheel drive systems, making it an efficient racer at any speed, especially at the 24h Le Mans race.

Exterior concept design / 3D polygon modelling / Visualization - Emre Husmen - 2022

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