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The latest European regulations pertaining to long-nose lorries are set to significantly improve safety, fuel efficiency and overall driving comfort.
In order to provide a tangible representation of the impact of these regulations, I undertook a rapid design study for the next-generation SCANIA, which I have called the “RX”. Despite the fact that I do not expect any major changes to the new chassis, nor do I anticipate that it will bear resemblance to the Tesla Semi, the new safety regulations will undoubtedly have a profound effect on truck designs. Over time, we will become accustomed to these new proportions, and they will ultimately play a crucial role in saving fuel and protecting the lives of countless individuals on the road. It is without question the most rational approach to take. Moreover, as the benchmark brand and model, the V8 SCANIA will likely incorporate a hybrid drivetrain and serve as a harbinger of future trends.

Exterior concept design / 2D rendering - Emre Husmen - 2023

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