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EH® Storm

Introducing the "EH® Storm", a revolutionary electric hypercar concept inspired by recent Formula1 cars, featuring active ground-effect aerodynamics and active suspensions. With 1800+ horsepower, it demonstrates the extraordinary power of electric propulsion, delivering unparalleled driving performance. Specifically designed to be Canada's first proper hypercar project, it took inspiration from the country's rich F1 heritage and automotive industry. Interior cabin features a central driving position for ultimate control and vision, with space for two passengers on the sides. Its built-in AI system can simulate gear shifts with various power outputs and recreate the iconic engine sounds of legendary Formula1 vehicles digitally in real-time both on the inside and outside. The name "Storm" draws inspiration from the force of strong winds in North America, reflecting the dynamic nature of the hypercar. As a testament to Canada's unwavering commitment to technological advancements, this project emerges as an example of the nation's automotive excellence and a beacon of its future accomplishments. The "EH® Storm" hypercar concept was designed and 3D developed by emrEHusmen® design in Toronto, ON. And it is dedicated to CANADA.

Exterior concept design / 3D modeling / 2D rendering - Emre Husmen - 2023

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