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Mercedes-AMG G900

For this project, I took on the task of redesigning the G-Class, both as the next generation 7-seater G63 AMG and as a full bodykit that could be applied to the current chassis. With the addition of a 300mm longer cargo space and two extra seats, the G-Class now boasts a more luxurious and powerful stance. To further enhance its overall appearance, I have incorporated my EQR concept's original AMG style wheels and 24-spoke Maybach wheels, both in 26-inch diameters. With this redesign, all surfaces, except for the headlights and interior, have been reworked and improved to ensure a cohesive and elegant appearance. The G900, the flagship model, will be powered by a 900bhp V8 quad-turbo engine, which will offer a powerful and exhilarating driving experience to its lucky owner.

Exterior facelift design / 3D polygon modelling / Visualization - Emre Husmen - 2021

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