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Apple iV Minivan

My concept design proposal for the highly anticipated Apple car project is iV (ai-vee). This electric "van" has a 5-meter length and a personal living space for one driver and four passengers. The steering wheel and driver's seat are centrally located in the cabin, providing excellent visibility through large windows. With advanced lidar and camera systems, the iV can transport passengers autonomously. The exterior design features "Apple styling" with a focus on the "golden ratios" of automotive design. The iV has 26" wheels and large fenders, giving it a sporty, SUV-like appearance. The side sliding doors are symmetrical and require a single molding process, while the opacity of the side glasses is adjustable for privacy. The iV can be charged wirelessly using a "drone" charger at home or through a cable connected to the charge port on its front hood. It is equipped with the latest and most advanced Apple technologies, which are updated regularly. As a professional automotive designer and Apple fan, I have created a futuristic, feasible, and realistic design for the "Apple car." It took me two weeks to plan and design, one week to create a 3D polygon model using 3ds Max, and another week to render it using Keyshot.

Exterior concept design / 3D polygon modelling / Visualization - Emre Husmen - 2021

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