Apple iV Minivan

iV (ai-vee) is my own concept design proposal for the long-awaited Apple car project. I imagined it as an electric "Van", which is a 5m long, 1+2+2 personal living space. The steering wheel and the driver's seat are positioned in the centre of the iV's cabin, so it has great visibility thanks to its large glasses. With advanced lidar and camera systems, it is able to transport its passengers fully autonomously. I applied "Apple styling" to its exterior design with respect to "golden ratios" in automotive design. 26" wheels and large fenders give it a more sporty and suv-like look; height adjustable suspensions could be offered as an option. Side sliding doors are symmetrical and will require single molding. Side glasses' opacity can be (electro-transparent) adjusted and iV can become its user's private relaxing place. It can be charged both with a wireless "drone" charger at home or through the charge port on its front hood with a cable. iV is equipped with the latest and most advanced Apple technologies that are updated constantly.

Exterior concept design / 3D polygon modelling / Visualization - Emre Husmen - 2021